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What is lab?

A test conducted under controlled scientific conditions in a laboratory or similar setting. Testing laboratories are utilized by all manner of businesses to provide objective analytical data on the quality of a product or a process. ATL is a world class testing lab that offers amazing solutions in various fields of testing.

ATL is accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Laboratories) & recognized by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

Our aim is to achieve 100% timely completion of our projects with out sacrificing the Quality of Testing.

Why you should select ATL? Here is your answer

  • Quality and accuracy of testing
  • Turnaround time
  • Complete Confidentiality of Test Results
  • Complete Confidentiality of Product Design/Specifications
  • On time delivery of test reports.


ATL is always ready to discuss its quality control program with potential clients. ATL have a quality assurance manager whose sole responsibility is the implementation of quality control programs and the monitoring of the same. Those quality control programs should also: perform multi-point calibrations; analyse control standards; use analytical methods in testing; test for inadvertent skewing of results; and test for reproducible results.

Nature of Services

ATL have following services that differs it from other laboratories:
  • Ace Test laboratory can accommodate testing of all and various different types of sample sizes.
  • We also get the samples picked in special cases.
  • Testing of products to evaluate the conformity to various quality, safety and performance standards as required by the client.
  • Our Customer Service Representative communicates directly with the client for turnaround time and that to at a reasonable cost.


Cost is always a concern, especially for smaller businesses. And therefore we have genuine rates for testing as compared to any other labs.

We ensure 100% timely delivery of our test reports to our clients after following all the standard procedures.

Customer Satisfaction

For the client, the consequences of a poorly produced testing result may range from worthless data to the potentially staggering costs associated with correcting for actions taken based on incorrect data. ATL believes that “Communication is probably the most important aspect for dealing with our clients”. We are accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Laboratories) & recognized by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).